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Hip Hop Culture started in South Bronx, New York by African American and Latin American youths around the early 70's. It consists of four elements: Dj'ing, Mc'ing, Breaking and Graffitti Art.

Breaking is the original dance of Hip Hop culture and started on the streets at block parties when the young bboy and bgirls would use dancing as a way to express themselves and to take out issues between gangs. A bboy or a bgirl, break boy or a break girl is someone who practices the art of breaking. Within the dance itself, It displays toprock steps, drops, footwork, powermoves and freezes to name a few which all come together to make up this athletic style.

Breaking classes will be taught every Thursday 7pm -8pm by Bgirl SugaGill. The class will be suitable for beginners and will cover breaking foundation and Hip Hop Culture. Students should wear comfortable clothing and training shoes and bring water to their classes.



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The Pocket Rockets

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The Pocket Rockets are a Hip Hop dance duo from Liverpool who's paths crossed in their local salsa scene a few years back. Gill and Yee have been entertaining crowds and dancing socially individually, however their unique collaboration showcases different elements of Hip Hop styles including house, locking popping, breaking and vogue with an energetic latin flavour. Their first class talent has been showcased all over the world including LA, New York, Singapore, Rio and Switerland to name a few. They pass on their knowledge of dance in schools, dance centres and events, most recently including Liverpool Latin Festival, LIPA and private functions. They are very excited to be performing at the Palm house and hope to share a dance or two with you.



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SugaGill started breaking in 2006. Learning from various bboys in the Liverpool scene, she went on to be part of and represent 'Liverpools finest crew' and 'Hardknox crew.' In 2009 she moved and trained with Bboys and Bgirls in Melbourne, Australia continuing to battle and perform all around Australia with the company 'Indiginous Hip Hop Projects.' Her credits include:

  • Winner of the NRG Hip Hop competition,
  • Winner of HWMF 2 on 2 breaking competition,
  • Winner of 'Our Backyard' 4 on 4 breaking competition with the crew '4 the oestrogen.'
  • 2 x runner up at the Australian Bgirl Championships 2008/2009
  • Runner up at the 2 on 2 Breakin con salsa competition, Switzerland

She has continuously taught different styles of dance for around 15 years. She has taught in schools, detention centres, at festivals, for corporate and private events, at charities, weddings and SEN schools for children and adults of all ages and abilities to name a few. Teaching credits include:


  • Singapore Innovative Childrens Festival
  • LIPA
  • Liverpool Latin Festival
  • Glastonbury
  • Various Communities in Outback Australia
  • Over a hundred Primary, Secondary schools and colleges
  • Viva Brasil Samba shows
  • Oman, International new development Performance


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£5 per Class


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