Every Monday & Friday - 7pm - 9pm


Learn fundamental self defence techniques aimed at any ability or fitness level.

Practical self defence skills for the street including striking, kicking, grappling and avoidance.


Traditional Kung Fu - Hung Gar

Every Tuesday & Thursday - 7pm - 9pm


Advanced classes focusing on traditional Southern Styles including elements of Hung Gar and Praying Mantis, it will include complex and varied range of all different aspects of Kung Fu. This class requires a good level of fitness, a foundation knowledge of Kung Fu and a willingness to train hard.


Kids Class

Coming Soon




Sifu James Roach


Sifu James Roach has been studying martial arts for over 30 years. His passion and flair for martial arts shines through each and every class he teaches; no matter which element or style is the subject of the class, each student gains an infectious enthusiasm for the art. Our lead instructor has immersed himself in the teachings of many and varied martial arts styles and has dedicated his whole adult life to the study and practice of a multitude of fighting and self defence disciplines. However, kung fu has always been his primary passion.

James has channelled his devoted study into the classes run at Redboat Studios, where everyone who joins a class can benefit from his encyclopedic knowledge of the subject. However, far from just being an academic, James is a talented all-round martial artist. He lives and breathes the subject and can translate esoteric technique and ancient forms of movement into modern and practical techniques which can be practiced under any given circumstance. He is a patient yet driven teacher with a sense of humour that pervades every class.

Students attending martial arts classes at Redboat Studios can expect to learn traditional kung fu, including hand sets, weapons forms and body conditioning techniques, as well as varied and interesting modern takes on self-defence in a safe and welcoming friendly environment. We also perform traditional Chinese Dragon and Lion Dance. Each class is therefore varied, different and fun! There is a culture of inclusivity in the school, which welcomes people of all ages, sexes, abilities, cultures and backgrounds. We never take ourselves too seriously and believe that whatever the reasons for joining (health benefits, self-defence, meeting new people and/or just trying new things) you will always leave a class feeling better than you did before you walked through the door!



Class Fees

£5 per class


£30 per month (Includes all Monday & Friday classes)


Tuesdays & Thursdays are invite only.  



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